Tommy Conveyor Speed Control

Tommy Conveyor Speed Control


Conveyor speed is determined by your Tommy Wash Controller System. Typically the hydraulic power unit is located at the rear of the wash near the conveyor drive, making manual speed changes difficult. With the Tommy conveyor power unit and the Tommy Controller car wash operators and owners have the ability to set the conveyor speed as they choose and make last minute adjustments using touchscreen electronic control.

If you purchased a Tommy conveyor prior to 2008 it is likely you will need to adjust your speed manually. In this case, go to your power unit, lift the lid, and look for the speed controller in the back right corner of the tank. This lever will adjust the speed of your conveyor. The lever has markings from 0-10, Zero being stalled and 10 being the fastest.

If your conveyor slows down under full loads you may need to increase the torque setting. Remove the cap on top of the speed controller and adjust the torque set screw just as you would on your equipment speed controllers. Make sure the torque is high enough to handle extra heavy loads without being so high that the conveyor or hydraulic system suffers damage in case of a jam or stall.

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